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NEW! Wild Initiations: conversation series

Feb 7, 2024 | Introducing...

Wild Initiations: A series of intimate conversations about unravelling, the symbols that guide us, and the courage to leave the well-trodden path

March 1-8, 2024

This is an invitation to

A conversation series
And a portal to a place

A wild place. A strange place. A magical place.

The dark woods
You may have avoided
All your life.

This is a conversation series about you, and me, and what happens when we leave the well-trodden path and the stories of the world and who we are behind us.

When we follow the crow and walk into the dark woods
Under the light of the moon.

The woods are a dangerous place for those who want to stay the same.
But for those in search of adventure, new discoveries, transformation, the dark woods are calling.

Here in the paradox of becoming, you will lose your bearings.
What is becomes what is not.
You may get lost in the woods.
That is the point.

Do not lose yourself.
(You will lose yourself ).

Join me for a powerful series of intimate conversations with an inspirational group of authors, artists, healers and therapists. These are women whose work has inspired my own, whose paths, like mine, have brought them to the heart of the dark wood. Benefit from their personal insights on the journey to claiming their spiritual and creative gifts and wisdom.

I am so excited to share our conversations with you.

Each of the women and their work have, in one way or another, had an impact on my new book, Crow Moon: reclaiming the wisdom of the dark woods.

Toko-Pa Turner, (dreamwork teacher, multiple award-winning author Belonging,)

Amanda Yates Garcia (Oracle of LA, author of Initiated),

Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee (Interspiritual Teacher and Associate Professor)

Phyllis Curott (author of Witch Crafting, Wicca Made Easy, co-creator of The Witches Wisdom Tarot, founder of Temple of Ara)

Danielle Dulsky (author of The Holy Wild, Bones & Honey)

M.J. Cullinane (creatrix of The Crow Tarot)

Seren Bertrand (author Womb Awakening, Spirit Weaver)

Molly Remer (creatrix of Brigids Grove goddesses, author of Walking with Persephone, The Goddess Devotional)

For centuries the dark woods have symbolised the dark unknown within. The place where we lose our bearings. Often we experience the inner dark woods at times of change, especially at midlife.

At these moments of archetypal emergence, transformation, initiation and wild revelation we can often feel alone, especially if we look to mainstream culture for guidance or reassurance. We may feel as though we are going crazy. We are not. We are becoming whole, more real than we have ever allowed ourselves to be.

You are not alone. A whole silent sisterhood is walking their own paths through the dark woods. Let us see where our paths cross and where they diverge, let’s look for clues and signs on the path.

This is for you if:

  • You are hungry for deep, authentic conversations between women.
  • Your “soul is hungering for magic and you long to remember that we inhabit a world of mystery, inside a culture obsessed with science and rationality.”
  • You are a woman wanting to find a way for both the wild and the modern, the untamed and the mundane to co-exist within you.
  • You are wanting to recover your own creative and spiritual gifts.
  • You are wanting companionship and tools on the journey to stepping more fully into yourself.
  • You are undergoing an initiatory time that feels like death and rebirth: midlife, illness or diagnosis, changing careers, leaving a spiritual path etc.
  • You have been called by the crows, the dark woods or the moon.

What happens when you finally dare to drop the mask and step into the fullness of yourself?

This series is for anyone who is becoming more fully themselves, who finds themselves in an initiatory process of becoming… or who has recently experienced this and is looking for a way to integrate and express the experience.

About Crow Moon: reclaiming the wisdom of the dark woods

Powerful, stunning, and transformative writing.
– Mary Lunnen, author

An enchanting flight through the raven-dark heart of the wilds, exploring what it is to be lost and to find oneself.
– Sarah Robinson, author

Three-time Nautilus award-winning author Lucy H. Pearce’s previous best-selling book Burning Woman was an initiation of fire and She of the Sea an initiation of water. Her latest book, Crow Moon is an initiation of earth and air, a way back to the heart of ourselves through wild revelation.

Strikingly illustrated by the author, with contributions from over 30 women – artists, healers, authors – midlife women who have also been called by the strange magic of crows at decisive moments in their lives.

Enter the dark woods. Follow the crow, the moon and the mushroom on a journey of transformation and remembering.

Crow Moon: reclaiming the wisdom of the dark woods is available now from Amazon and all major online retailers, to order from your local bookshop. Signed copies from womancraftpublishing.com

Crow Moon by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing

About your host, Lucy H. Pearce

Lucy H. Pearce is the author of twelve life-changing non-fiction books, including Nautilus Award silver winners Medicine Woman, Burning Woman, and Creatrix: she who makes. Her other titles include: Moon Time, Reaching for the Moon, Moods of Motherhood, The Rainbow Way, Full Circle Health, She of the Sea, Crow Moon and she is the co-author and illustrator of The Kitchen Witch Companion. Her writing focuses on women’s healing through archetypal psychology, embodiment, historical awareness and creativity. Her work has been shared internationally in online and print media.

An award-winning graduate in History of Ideas with English Literature from Kingston University, and a PGCE from Cambridge University, Lucy founded Womancraft Publishing, publishing paradigm-shifting books by women for women, in 2014.

Lucy is a multi-faceted creative whose work spans the expressive arts, exploring the lost archetypes of the feminine and symbols of the soul. She is a much in demand teacher at international events and teaches regular e-courses on creative writing, editing and publishing.

The mother of three children, she lives in a small village by the Celtic Sea in East Cork, Ireland.


Instagram @lucyhpearce

Wild Initiations: A series of intimate conversations about unravelling, the symbols that guide us, and the courage to leave the well-trodden path