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Aisha Hannibal and Mary Ann Clements

Mary Ann Clements and Aisha Hannibal, authors of Red Tents, Womancraft Publishing

Aisha Hannibal (pictured on the right) has worked for over twenty years in the charity sector from working in front-line services with people experiencing domestic violence to training teachers in intercultural learning in schools. Creating resilient communities has been an essential part of her work. She learnt a lot about leadership by being a trustee for 7 years for an NGO supporting campaigns led by conservation organisations in Russia and Eastern Europe as well as being involved in housing cooperatives in the UK. As a campaigner she set up international projects to educate and empower global and active citizens to promote peace through cross cultural re-flection. She currently supports people to establish grassroots groups in the UK to make cities and towns more accessible for walking and cycling. Her commitment to work with women threads through all of her ventures including managing the website for Women in Power UK which runs an initiation programme for women. Her passion for sustainable networks of support underpins her dedication to the Red Tent Directory which she co-founded with Mary Ann 8 years ago.

Mary Ann Clements (pictured on the left) is a feminist writer, facilitator, activist and coach. She worked with Aisha to launch the Red Tent Directory in 2012 and they have run it together since. She believes in the power for women’s circles and community to help create change in our world. Mary Ann helps people and organisations explore how the injustice they stand against shows up in them. In so doing she helps them create more space to be part of imagining a radically different future. Healing Solidarity, an online annual conference and hub that she initiated, and now runs it together with a multi-racial advisory circle, has engaged well over 3000 people in conversations about re-imagining inter-national development and addressing racism within it since 2018. It builds on her two decades experience in the sector, including seven years as the director of an INGO. She takes an intersectional feminist approach to all her work which has had a particular focus on disability, mental health and women’s rights, She is also a Shadow Work coach, Action Learning facilitator, TedX speaker and movement practitioner. She’s co-host of the podcast, Change Making Women and is active in the Women in Power UK Community. She also has many years’ experience as a board member including as chair of a Women’s Refuge in South London.

Red Tents by Aisha Hannibal and Mary Ann Clements, Womancraft Publishing

Alice B. Grist

Alice B. Grist, author of Dirty & Divine, Womancraft Publishing

Alice B. Grist lives in Leicestershire, UK, with her musician husband and two little daughters. Following a spiritual, feminist upbringing and a wild and wanton youth, she has spent the past ten years devoted to a personal spiritual path, her writing, tarot and more recently, her babies. Alice is a soulful Mama with a passionate belief in the divine that resides in us all. Her approach is refreshingly gritty with a huge focus on the darker, dirtier, and amusing side of a spiritual, human experience. She has four previously published books which have received awards and international acclaim. They are the perfect bridge for a modern reader to a more soulful life. Her writing has been endorsed by luminaries such as Gabrielle Bernstein, John Perkins and Jacky Newcomb. She has received many glowing reviews and her work has been featured on radio, TV and leading spiritual websites.

Alice has used and studied tarot for 25 years, initially taught by Wiccan High Priest and Priestess. She is certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Shamanism. Alice is a reiki master, she has practiced spiritual healing since childhood.


Dirty & Divine by Alice B. Grist, Womancraft Publishing

Amantha Murphy

Amantha Murphy, author of The Way of the Seabhean, Womancraft Publishing
Amantha Murphy is a mother and grandmother, celebrant, storyteller, Seabhean teacher, seer, and healer in the traditional Irish way, initiated by her grandmother. She lives in County Kerry, Ireland and began her spiritual work publicly in 1970 as a clairvoyant before moving into trance mediumship and healing. Amantha’s first book is Drinking from the Source.

Guided by her spirit and ancestral teachers, Amantha works with individuals and groups. She delivers apprenticeship training in Ireland, Canada and the United States on The Way of the Seabhean and Ancient Irish Shamanism. She has lead sacred pilgrimages in Ireland since 1995. Her passion is the land – working through the Grandmothers, the Tuatha Dé Danann, and the Ancient Ones.

Amantha’s website is: celticsouljourneys.com

As the material for this book is rooted in the oral tradition, it is perhaps fitting that dyslexia prevented Amantha from writing it alone. She turned instead to her chosen ‘scribe’, writer Orla O’Connell, whose work initially involved transcribing from more than two hundred recordings of Amantha’s lectures, workshops, shamanic journeys and rituals.

Orla O’Connell M.Phil.(Creative Writing) is an Irish writer living in Strandhill, Co. Sligo. She was born in Tralee, Co. Kerry, into an Irish/English speaking household. Her novel, The Man With No Skin, is set in Africa and was published in 2005 by Dialogue Publishing Inc. It won first prize in fiction in the Colorado Independent Book Publisher’s (CIPA) Awards and was a finalist in the (US) Independent Book Publisher’s (IPPY) Awards. Her short story, Kikuyu Grass was shortlisted for a Hennessy Award and her stories, poems and interviews have been published in Force 10 and other publications. Her latest novel (awaiting publication) is about the sinking of the Lusitania liner off the south coast of Ireland, in 1915.


The Way of the Seabhean by Amantha Murphy, Womancraft Publishing

Amy Wilding

Amy Wilding author of Wild and Wise, Womancraft Publishing

Author of Wild & Wise; Sacred Feminine Meditations for Women’s Circles & Personal Awakening (October 2017).

Amy Wilding is the founder of Red Tent Louisville, a sacred interfaith women’s community. She has been leading sacred women’s circles, mother-daughter circles and retreats, and rite-of-passage ceremonies since 2006, just after her initiation to motherhood. The pregnancy and birth of her daughter in 2005 catalyzed her evolution by setting her on a path toward healing and Sacred Feminism, and sparked her passion for empowering women by helping them to reclaim their inherent power and wisdom.

She is a perpetual student of womanhood and spirituality, and is continually inspired by the place where the two realms overlap. Called to share her medicine with girls and women throughout the lifespan, she is a trained and loving guide in the areas of the Goddess archetype, sacred self-care, sexuality education, maidenhood, grief and loss, breastfeeding, and the menstrual cycle.Passionate about empowering girls and women, Amy is devoted to witnessing and inspiring the reawakening of the Sacred Feminine from the individual to the global level. She offers women’s circle leadership training as well as private mentorship and private event facilitation.


Wild and Wise by Amy Wilding, Womancraft Publishing

Bridget Supple

Bridget Supple, author of The Birthkeeper of Bethlehem, Womancraft Publishing
Bridget Supple has spent the last twenty years supporting women through all stages of pregnancy, labour, and parenting. A mother of four herself, she works as an antenatal teacher for the NCT, the NHS, in particular a major UK Maternity Hospital and Birth Companions a charity supporting pregnant women in prison. She is the founder of an information resource all about the Infant Microbiome (www.babysbiome.org) and runs workshops on parenting, brain development and hypnobirthing. She has also contributed to and worked on the International Journal of Birth and Parent Education (www.ijbpe.com) since its beginning.

Bridget learnt her skills from some of the most influential traditional childbirth figures including Robin Lim (Bumi Sehat) for birth wisdom, Angelina Martinez Miranda (traditional midwifery), and Dr Rocio Alarcon from Ecuador (rebozo and Closing the Bones).  She has attended workshops with some of the greats of childbirth such as Ina May Gaskin, Mary Cronk (breech workshop), Sheila Kitzinger (birth trauma workshop), Jean Sutton (optimal fetal positioning workshop), Andrea Robinson (Childbirth education), Gail Tully (Spinning babies).

Bridget lives in Shropshire with her husband and four children.

The Birthkeeper of Bethlehem by Bridget Supple, Womancraft Publishing

Carly Mountain

Carly Mountain, author of Descent and Rising, Womancraft Publishing

Carly Mountain is a women’s initiatory guide, a psychotherapist, a psychosexual somatic therapist, yoga teacher, breathworker and writer. For the last twenty years she has worked with sacred embodied practices. Carly stumbled across the Inanna story during her own descent to the underworld and was astonished by the symmetry it held with her own lived experience. Since then she has devoted to working with the myth and specialises in beholding others as they traverse the depths of initiation; both in therapy, breathwork and within courses that support women’s awakening and unfolding.

In 2019 Carly self-published her first poetry pamphlet Jouissance: Poetry of the Deep Feminine. Descent & Rising: Women’s Stories and the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth is Carly’s debut non-fiction book. She lives in Sheffield, England with her husband and two daughters.

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Coming soon: Descent & Rising: Women’s Stories and the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth

Erin Kundrie Carrico

Eila Kundrie Carrico, author of The Other Side of the River, Womancraft Publishing
Author of The Other Side of the River (Jan 2016).

Eila Kundrie Carrico grew up in rural central Florida. Her curiosity led her down a meandering path of discovery from a young age. She was inspired by her studies in journalism, anthropology and religion to travel around the world and teach in Paris, Ghana, Thailand and India. She studied yoga and embodied archetypes for nine years before completing a master’s degree in Engaged World Psychology and then an MFA in Creative Writing and Consciousness in San Francisco.

Eila is a weaver and wordsmith who delights in the mystery and magic of landscapes and memory. She lives in Berkeley with her partner and their baby boy where she teaches yoga and weaves stories. The Other Side of the River is her first book.

Listen to Lucy interview Eila here.


The Other Side of the River by Eila Carrico, Womancraft Publishing

Gina Martin

Gina Martin author of the When She Wakes trilogy
Gina Martin is a founding mother and High Priestess of Triple Spiral of Dún na Sidhe, a pagan spiritual congregation in the Hudson Valley. She is a ritualist, teacher, healer, mother, wife, lover of Irish Wolfhounds, and writer of sacred songs. She has helped to create RISE (Revivers of Indigenous Spiritualities and Eco-systems), an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting indigenous and pagan belief structures and the lands that support them.

She is the author of the astounding When She Wakes trilogy: Sisters of the Solstice Moon, Walking the Threads of Time and She is Here.


Sisters of the Solstice Moon by Gina Martin, Womancraft Publishing
Walking the Threads of Time by Gina Martin, Womancraft Publishing
She is Here by Gina Martin, Womancraft Publishing

Liz Childs Kelly

Liz Childs Kelly author of Home to Her
Author of Home to Her (September 2022).

Liz Childs Kelly is a writer, award-winning researcher, educator, community builder, and host of the popular Home to Her podcast, which is dedicated to amplifying the voices of the Sacred Feminine.

Her writing has been featured in a variety of online publications, including Forbes, Mashable, Rebelle Society, Human Parts (a Medium publication), and Braided Way, as well as the Girl God Books anthology Just As I Am: Hymns Affirming the Divine Female.

An initiated priestess in the 13 Moons lineage, she also holds certifications in Reiki, as well as Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

Liz lives in rural Virginia with her family, and can often be found exploring the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains or wandering in the woods behind her home.


Instagram: @hometoher

Home to Her by Liz Childs Kelly, Womancraft Publishing

Lucy H. Pearce

Lucy H. Pearce

Lucy H. Pearce is the author of ten life-changing non-fiction books for women, including her best-selling Burning Woman – an incendiary exploration of women and power – written for every woman who burns with passion, has been burned with shame, and in another time or place would be burned at the stake.

Lucy’s work is dedicated to supporting women’s empowered, embodied expression through her writing, teaching and art. She lives in East Cork, Ireland, where she runs Womancraft Publishing – creating life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women.

She blogs on creativity at: dreamingaloud.net

The Rainbow Way by Lucy H. Pearce, Soul Rocks
Moods of Motherhood by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
Reaching for the Moon by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
Burning Woman by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
Full Circle Health by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
Medicine Woman by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
Creatrix by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
She of the Sea by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
Moon Time by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
Word + Image, an ecourse by Lucy H. Pearce
Your Authentic Voice, an ecourse by Lucy H. Pearce
Structuring the Soul of Writing, an ecourse by Lucy H. Pearce

Melia Keeton-Digby

Melia Keeton-Digby, author of The Heroines Club and The Hero's Heart, Womancraft Publishing

Author of The Heroines’ Club (April 2016) and The Hero’s Heart (April 2019).

Melia Keeton-Digby is a circle facilitator and speech-language pathologist specializing in dyslexia.  She is the founder and creator of The Nest, a sacred gathering space in Georgia, USA, where she leads mother-daughter and mother-son empowerment circles.  She is passionate about supporting mothers in raising confident and connected children.

Melia lives in Watkinsville, Georgia with her husband and three children, ages 18, 13, and 9.


Listen to Lucy interview Melia here.

The Heroines Club by Melia Keeton-Digby, Womancraft Publishing
The Hero's Heart by Melia Keeton-Digby, Womancraft Publishing

Molly Remer

Molly Remer, author of Walking with Persephone, Womancraft Publishing

Molly Remer has been gathering the women to circle, sing, celebrate, and share since 2008. She is a priestess, creatrix, and teacher who holds MSW, M.Div, and D.Min degrees and wrote her dissertation about contemporary priestessing in the U.S.

Molly and her husband Mark co-create Story Goddesses, original goddess sculptures, ceremony kits, mini goddesses, and more at Brigid’s Grove. Her previous books are Womanrunes, Earthprayer, Goddess Devotional, She Lives Her Poems, Sunlight on Cedar, Whole and Holy, and The Red Tent Resource Kit and she writes about thealogy, nature, practical priestessing, and the goddess at Patreon, Brigid’s Grove, Feminism and Religion, and Sage Woman Magazine.

Molly lives, works, writes, and creates with her family in her straw bale house and tiny temple in rural Missouri.

Walking with Persephone by Molly Remer, Womancraft Publishing

Natalie Bryant Rizzieri

Natalie Bryant Rizzieri author of Muddy Mysticism, Womancraft Publishing

Natalie Bryant Rizzieri is a poet, writer, activist, mother and mystic. Her poetry has appeared in journals such as Denver Quarterly, Pleaides, Terrain.org, and Crab Orchard Review. She is the winner of the Hackney Literary Award. She is the founder and director of Friends of Warm Hearth, a movement of forever homes for abandoned Armenians with special needs.

She spends her free time, at least in spring, digging for earthworms, watching for ravens and collecting moss. She is making a home deep in the forest near Flagstaff, Arizona, with her husband and three sons.

Muddy Mysticism by Natalie Bryant Rizzieri, Womancraft Publishing

Patrícia Lemos and Ana Afonso

Patricia Lemos and Ana Afonso, authors of The Goddess in You, Womancraft Publishing

Patrícia Lemos is a practicing hypnotherapist, fertility coach and menstrual educator with a Master’s Degree in Public Health. She is passionate about girls having positive education during puberty and supporting their mothers during this very important and foundational transition.

Ana Afonso is an artist with a 5-year degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Drawing. She is currently writing her PhD thesis on graphic design about picturebooks and ‘authorstrators’. Now and then Ana is a teacher or a graphic designer but most of the time she’s a happy, free spirited illustrator. You can catch her running or biking at daybreak collecting photos of the sunrise over the river Tagus – a ritual that combines what she calls “active meditation” with being grateful for living in such a wonderful city as Lisbon. (yoga, kayaking and swimming are also on the list).

Ana believes everyone can be empowered by imagery and archetypes, so, whenever she finds it, she tries to capture the healthy running wolf, the burning rising woman, the goddesses in us! See more of her work on the site and the sunrises on instagram: anafonso.com / http://instagram.com/anafonso_com

The Goddess in You by Patricia Lemos and Ana Afonso, Womancraft Publishing

Pippa Grace

Pippa Grace author of Mother in the Mother by Pippa Grace, Womancraft Publishing
Pippa Grace is a socially engaged artist, writer and sculptor. Her work brings together over 24 years of training and working in the worlds of holistic health, body work, dance, creative writing, journalism, film, photography and sculpture.

She has run participatory arts projects with a diverse range of communities since 2001. She facilitates the sharing of stories and the creation of ‘visual narratives’ at beautifully held workshops. Participants tell their story using a combination of media including textiles, book-making, creative writing and digital storytelling. Pippa is particularly interested in helping to give voice to the quiet, every-day stories that may otherwise be overlooked or forgotten. Where voices have been silenced, her practice helps them find a creative way to speak out.

A passionate feminist for as long as she can remember, Pippa specialises in working women, exploring issues including motherhood, grand-motherhood, menarche, the female body and trauma. In her sculptural practice, she investigates the ways in which our personal and collective stories are frequently embedded within our bodies. All of her work is grounded by an ongoing fascination with, and research into, the healing qualities of literature, myth, fairytale, storytelling, dream and archetype.

Pippa lives in Bristol and is a mother to two amazing daughters.

Mother in the Mother by Pippa Grace, Womancraft Publishing

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson author of Yoga for Witches, Yin Magic and Kitchen Witch

Sarah Robinson is a yoga teacher and author based in in Bath, UK (once named after a goddess: the ancient Roman town of Aquae Sulis). Her background is in science; she holds an MSc Psychology & Neuroscience and has studied at Bath, Exeter and Harvard University. She loves exploring the power of myth, magic and story in both her writing and yoga teaching, and is passionate about helping everyone connect to their own special magic and inner power.

Find Sarah online: sentiayoga.com/yogaforwitches
Instagram: @Yogaforwitches

Yoga for Witches by Sarah Robinson, Womancraft Publishing
Yin Magic by Sarah Robinson, Womancraft Publishing
Kitchen Witch by Sarah Robinson, Womancraft Publishing
Enchanted Journeys by Sarah Robinson, Womancraft Publishing

Stella Tomlinson

Stella Tomlinson, author of Cycles of Belonging, Womancraft Publishing

Stella Tomlinson is a Priestess, author and experienced meditation guide, sharing a healing path honouring life’s sacred cycles.

Stella is dedicated both to helping women follow the callings of their soul, and to playing her part in restoring consciousness of the feminine faces of the divine.

Her work has evolved from over twenty years’ experience in personal and spiritual development through meditation, yoga, mindfulness, energy healing, and Goddess and Earth-based spirituality.
She has been teaching and writing in these fields since 2011 and is the author of two more books: Peace Lies Within and Whispers From Mother Earth.

She lives with her husband in Hampshire, UK.


Instagram: @stellatomlinson.priestess

Cycles of Belonging by Stella Tomlinson, Womancraft Publishing

Vanessa Olorenshaw

Vanessa Olorenshaw, author of Liberating Motherhood, Womancraft Publishing

Vanessa Olorenshaw is a mother of two, blogger, activist, breastfeeding counsellor, and former barrister, law reporter and trade union rep from the South East of England. Always intellectually curious and raised – unwittingly, she suspects – to be a feminist within her leftie working class family.

In March 2015, she published The Politics of Mothering, a pamphlet for the UK General Election. She was a founding member-cum-agitator of the Women’s Equality Party UK and contributed to policy development on parenting. She tweets on @VOlorenshaw. A revolutionary type of spirit, she has spoken at conferences about maternal feminism, motherhood and the socio-economic situation in which women are expected to raise their families in 21st Century Western culture. Vanessa adores being with her children (they’re brilliant, you know) and her husband (she is married to a pretty decent bloke). She balances her hippie tendencies with black outfits and Doc Martens.

#MothersOfTheWorldUnite #LiberatingMotherhood #Purplestockings

Liberating Motherhood by Vanessa Olorenshaw, Womancraft Publishing

Wendy Havlir Cherry

Wendy Havlir Cherry, author of The Mistress of Longing, Womancraft Publishing

Wendy Havlir Cherry is a poet, teacher, author, and shamanic practitioner. She holds two Master’s degrees from St. John’s College in Eastern Classics and Sanskrit and Liberal Arts, and a third Master’s from Naropa University in Counseling and Contemplative Psychotherapy.

Wendy has worked for many years as a psychotherapist with individuals and groups to uncover, reclaim, and empower their inner wisdom and deep, intuitive knowing. She is a long-term student of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estès, PhD, mysticism, the shamanic path, and devotional poetry. She offers individual guidance and group retreat experiences, combining her professional expertise with esoteric wisdom and life experience grounded in practical devotion and daily practices, including meditation, guided visualization, altar building, sacred space creation, ritual, ceremony, and storytelling.

She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. The Mistress of Longing is her second book. Her first is The Reach is (W)holy: Poetry Inspired by the Sacred, published in 2017.


The Mistress of Longing has been translated into French for Womancraft Publishingwith great sensitivity and skill by Zoé Genet – see La Maîtresse du Désir.

The Mistress of Longing by Wendy Havlir Cherry, Womancraft Publishing
La Maitresse du Desir by Wendy Havlir Cherry, Womancraft Publishing