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The Mistress of Longing

Signed by the author


The Mistress of Longing is…

An invitation to listen and trust the deep feminine that longs to be heard.
A love letter from, and for, devotion.
A prescription for a passionate and creative life.
A sacred reclamation.
A liberation of desire.
A hymn to kindness.
The voice of a modern mystic.

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The Mistress of Longing is...

An invitation to listen and trust the deep feminine that longs to be heard.
A love letter from, and for, devotion.
A prescription for a passionate and creative life.
A sacred reclamation.
A liberation of desire.
A hymn to kindness.
The voice of a modern mystic.

The Mistress of Longing is the featured title of our November 2022 Book Club.


The Mistress of Longing is a mystic's portal into a sumptuous dimension of Life we can all access. It is our sacred invitation to embrace, embody and dance with our longing.
The Mistress of Longing not only provides permission for all our longings and desires but holds them as the sacred doorway to our belonging. I found myself taking it in like manna from heaven. It's truly a pure, potent and powerful transmission of Divine Truth. I experienced cascades of sensation in my body as my heart and soul were being awakened by the Mistress of Longing. I wanted to devour the book whole but recognized the need to slow down and pace myself to fully receive and metabolize it's wisdom.
This book is a welcome new resource for me. I will to return to it again and again - in part or whole - for deep nourishment, guidance and support.
Joni Advent Maher, creator of the Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow podcast

The Mistress of Longing is like the fragrance and softness of rose petals offered to our collective hearts. It is a deep invitation to live in and with our longing and to offer the poetry of ourselves again and again. Wendy Havlir Cherry speaks directly to the Soul and whispers to our fear and hesitation, beckoning us to live the fullness of ourselves. She not only inspires but also offers concrete, potent exercises to help guide our journey. Don't miss this bounty.
Heidi Rose Robbins, The Radiance Project podcast

Wendy Cherry delivers lyrical lines coupled with sharp insights that speak to the way we connect to ourselves and one another with a deft and dazzling hand.
Briana Saussy, author of Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary

The Mistress of Longing is a beautiful beckoning to open to a wisdom that guides us to reach, to connect, to and create. In a world that often numbs us to our impulses and desires, The Mistress of Longing lovingly calls us back to the center of ourselves, challenging us to rise with passion and courage to claim our birthright to thrive rather than merely survive.
Amy Bammel Wilding, author of Wild & Wise

Mistress of Longing is a creative breath of fresh air. It inspires me to listen to my inner stirrings, and reminds me that my wildest, most beautiful visions ? along with the next steps to bring them to fruition ? are within me, just waiting to be discovered, if I carve out the time and space to listen.
Katie Hess, author of Flowerevolution: Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers

Wendy Havlir Cherry will entice you and invite you to enter into 'the forest of awakening' that lies inside your heart. 'It is lush and green and wooded with wildness.' In The Mistress of Longing, Wendy opens a world we rarely see expressed ? the world of the sensuous, creative, succulent feminine.
It can be hard to put words to the feminine principle. As mystery herself, She defies definition. Wendy, though, writes from the heart, truly from this forest of awakening. Allow yourself to be enticed into the world of She.
Julie Daley, CPCC, innovation catalyst, transformational leadership coach

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Wendy Havlir Cherry





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November 2019


Signed by the author

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Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Wendy Havlir Cherry, author of The Mistress of Longing, Womancraft Publishing

Meet the author: Wendy Havlir Cherry

Wendy Havlir Cherry is a poet, teacher, author, and shamanic practitioner. She holds two Master’s degrees from St. John’s College in Eastern Classics and Sanskrit and Liberal Arts, and a third Master’s from Naropa University in Counseling and Contemplative Psychotherapy.

Wendy has worked for many years as a psychotherapist with individuals and groups to uncover, reclaim, and empower their inner wisdom and deep, intuitive knowing. She is a long-term student of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estès, PhD, mysticism, the shamanic path, and devotional poetry. She offers individual guidance and group retreat experiences, combining her professional expertise with esoteric wisdom and life experience grounded in practical devotion and daily practices, including meditation, guided visualization, altar building, sacred space creation, ritual, ceremony, and storytelling.

She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. The Mistress of Longing is her second book. Her first is The Reach is (W)holy: Poetry Inspired by the Sacred, published in 2017.


The Mistress of Longing has been translated into French for Womancraft Publishingwith great sensitivity and skill by Zoé Genet. See La Maîtresse du Désir

Meet the artist: Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman, cover artist of The Mistress of Longing
Cover art of Mistress of Longing, Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman, creator of the cover image for The Mistress of Longing, is a visual artist that merges technology with traditional mediums to create new interpretations which serve as spiritual offerings and prayers to the Divine. Using a flexible range of tangible media across a wide range of surfaces and contexts, the work produced is a union of the creative all-soul which explores shamanic and mythological constructs by incorporating art and talisman to create a (third) phenomena, or magical reality. This augmentation of discrete phenomena is dedicated to the celebration of the holy feminine, and an offering of beauty and praise to the sacred, invisible world that gives us life.

She is the illustrator of “The Divine Feminine Oracle”, “The Spellcasting Oracle”, and “The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy” by Meggan Watterson. She creates and lives in the eclectic mountain town of Manitou Springs, CO.