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The Womancraft Publishing story

Womancraft Publishing was founded on the revolutionary vision that women and words can change the world. We act as midwife to transformational women’s words that have the power to challenge, inspire, heal and speak to the silenced aspects of ourselves.Womancraft logo

We share powerful new voices with new visionary ideas, empowering our readers to actively co-create cultures that value and support the female and feminine. This to us is deeply exciting and powerful work.

Womancraft Publishing is a small, independent publisher, founded in 2014 by Amazon-bestselling author, Lucy H. Pearce, and is based in east Cork, Ireland. We have an international group of authors and several of our titles are in multiple languages.

Our books have been endorsed by many of our heroines… and heroes: Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Glennie Kindred, Naomi Lowinsky, Jane Meredith, Steve Biddulph, Dr Michel Odent, Miranda Gray, Lynne Franks, Phyllis Curott, Jeanine Cummins… and treasured as “life-changing” by women around the world.

What sets our books apart is their focus on women’s lived experience. We value Feminine ways of knowing – the intuitive, the sensory and sensual, the embodied and personal revelation – as valid and valuable ways of knowing the world and ourselves. Our books centre the personal voice of the author as woman, grounded in her research and intellectual knowing – modelling woman as an authority in her own life, something so often dismissed, belittled or silenced in our culture.

To support this, we offer many free online communities connected to our titles, so that you can continue the journey of discovery in the company of like-minded women, long after you have closed the covers of the book.

As we find ourselves in a time where old stories, old answers and ways of being are losing their authority and relevance, we at Womancraft are actively looking for new ways forward. Our books ask important questions. They are not a wholesale refusal our current cultural authorities – science, organised religion, academia – but rather saying “yes and…” What is missing from these perspectives? Who is missing? How partial are these current ways of knowing? What else is needed to ensure we have a more holistic understanding? What lies beneath which has been silenced or ignored? The answer to most of these questions is the female and the Feminine. This is what our books centre.

We aim to share a diverse range of voices, of different ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations and neurotypes, seeking every greater diversity, whilst acknowledging our limitations as a very small press. Each of our books is chosen personally by Lucy, and is hand-crafted through a creative and collaborative midwifery process.

At the heart of our Womancraft philosophy is fairness and integrity. Creatives and women have always been underpaid: not on our watch! We split royalties 50:50 with our authors. We offer support and mentoring throughout the publishing process as standard. We use almost exclusively female artists on our covers, and as well as paying fairly for these cover images, offer a royalty share and promote the artists both in the books and online. We pay above the living wage to our employees and provide flexible working practices that centre family, menstrual and health needs. We pride ourselves on being fair, open and accountable. Our books have been #1 Amazon bestsellers in many categories, Nautilus and Women’s Spirituality Award winners.

Whilst far from perfect, we are proud that in our small way, Womancraft is walking its talk, living the new paradigm in the crumbling heart of the old: through financially empowering creative people, through words that honour the Feminine, through healthy working practices, and through integrating business with our lives, and rooting our economic decisions in what supports and sustains our natural environment. We are learning and improving all the time. I hope that one day soon, what we do is seen as nothing remarkable, just the norm.

We work on a full circle model of giving and receiving: reaching backwards, supporting Treesisters’ reforestation projects and the UNHCR girls’ education fund, and forwards via Worldreader, providing e-books at no-cost to education projects for girls and women in developing countries. We donate many paperback copies to menstrual education projects, red tents, women’s groups and women’s libraries around the world including: India, South Africa, Haiti, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and France… As we grow, we can give more back.

We build alliances with independent, women-run media outlets in order to share our books and help promote and support these important publications. We speak from our place within the circle of women, sharing our vision, and encouraging them to share it onwards, in ever-widening circles.

We are honoured that the Womancraft community is growing internationally year on year, seeding red tents, book groups, women’s circles, ceremonies and classes into the fabric of our world.

We are the change we want to see in this world. Thank you for your presence in making this dream a reality.

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