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Crow Moon pre-orders open!

Dec 1, 2023 | Introducing...

We are delighted to announce the pre-order launch of three-time Nautilus award-winning author Lucy H. Pearce’s twelfth book, Crow Moon: reclaiming the wisdom of the dark woods.
“Suddenly the sky overhead is alive. From east and southeast, west and northwest, large black birds fly, travelling in their groups of hundreds, swirling, cawing, interweaving, dancing a greeting in the air. The sky is thick black feathered. We watch in awe as they combine and dissipate above our heads, as though we are lying on the bottom of the ocean, looking up at the surface world. Then, without signal or warning, they circle the heart of the wood and land in hidden roosts. Silence falls once more.”
After months of feeling lost and burned out, a chance encounter with crows begins an adventure in the dark woods – inner and outer – leading to a strange and powerful initiation.Lucy H. Pearce’s previous best-selling book Burning Woman was an initiation of fire and She of the Sea an initiation of water. Crow Moon is an initiation of earth and air, a way back to the heart of ourselves through wild revelation.
Says Lucy,“This book is an attempt to recreate the experience of initiation, a shift in consciousness, through word and image… with the desire to instigate it in the reader. I have never seen this done before. I don’t know if it can be. But that is my intention. I have been true to the process, to capturing it in simple words and striking images.You cannot do initiation with your mind. It does not make sense. It is a process of the soul.This is where the images come in. They are our soul language.The process of this book centred on and was guided by image-making. The images themselves showed the steps on the psychological journey of entering the dark woods, of transformation.”Strikingly illustrated by the author, with contributions from over 30 women – artists, healers, authors – midlife women who have also been called by the strange magic of crows at decisive moments in their lives.Enter the dark woods. Follow the crow, the moon and the mushroom on a journey of transformation and remembering.
“The messengers of the wild and sacred are imprinted on every layer of our beings and the world around us waiting, patiently, to be seen, to be recognised, to lead us back to ourselves, the earth, the sacred and each other.It is time.”