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Weaving our Way: Beyond Patriarchy

Jan 29, 2024 | Introducing..., Statement

Help us celebrate our 10-year anniversary with The Womancraft Compendium. We want your contribution! This is a call out to ALL our readers and supporters, previous manuscript submitters, experienced and budding writers.

We are bringing together the whole of the Womancraft community – authors and readers – to collaborate in creating a diverse and inclusive compendium of contemporary women’s wisdom, one which will carry us forward through these strange and uncertain times. One that our community can turn to as a handbook, words to inspire, that we can share with our sisters, daughters, granddaughters, with our women’s circles and friends.

Each time we open submissions we are sad to have to say no to so many talented women. This is a way that we can publish more creative and powerful women’s voices, alongside our existing authors.

Women’s voices are still being left out of important global conversations: last week it was revealed that on the COP29 committee spearheading the next round of climate talks there was not a single woman. Out of 28 people. (Read HERE) To face the biggest crisis our species ever has. Not one. And whilst we’re at it there has still never been a female US president, or leader of most major religions. Women’s voices – ideas, insights, needs – are still missing on every level.

But the status quo is breaking down. As my friend Tracy says – “these are the death throes of the patriarchy, love, this is what it looks like.”

Alone we might feel powerless, hopeless…but together…

For full details of this exciting new Womancraft Publishing project see here.