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Dem Mond so Nah

German translation of Reaching for the Moon

Signed by the author


German translation of Reaching for the Moon: a girl’s guide to her cycles, by Lucy H. Pearce.

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Translated into German by Katja Schmid.

Dem Mond so Nah ist die Mädchen-Version von Lucy H. Pearce‘s Bestseller Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle (zu deutsch: Mondzeit: nutze die sich immerwährend verändernde Energie Deines Menstruations-Zyklus – Anm. d. Übers.)

Für Mädchen im Alter von 9 – 14 Jahren geschrieben während sie die Veränderungen ihres Körpers erwarten und erfahren. Beginnend mit einer imaginativen Reise in das Rote Zelt – einem traditionellen Ort der Weisheit der Frauen – werden Gaben und Geheimnisse des Frau-Seins in einer sanften, lyrischen Weise geteilt, gemeinsam mit praktischen Ratschlägen.

Dem Mond so Nah feiert die Transformation eines Mädchens hin zum Frau-Sein auf eine einfühlsame, bestärkende Weise.

Reaching for the Moon: A Girl's Guide to her Cycles is Lucy H. Pearce's bestselling guide for girls aged 9-14 as they anticipate and experience their body's changes. A beautiful, sensitive and nurturing celebration of a girl's transformation to womanhood, following in the footsteps of her bestselling book for women,
Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle.

Beginning with an imaginary journey into the red tent, a traditional place of women's wisdom, some of the gifts and secrets of womanhood are imparted in a gentle lyrical way, including:

  • The secrets of the moon
  • The secrets of our cycles
  • The gift of self-care

Along with practical advice on:

  • Preparing for her first period
  • Choosing menstrual products
  • Herbal healing
  • Celebrating menarche

Praise for Reaching for the Moon

A message of wonder, empowerment, magic and beauty in the shared secrets of our femininity ... written to encourage girls to embrace their transition to womanhood in a knowledgeable, supported, loving way.

A must-read for all our daughters!
Melia Keeton-Digby, author of The Heroines Club

A beautiful, insightful book that every girl should have clenched to her heart the most life-affirming gift you could offer.
Wendy Cook, Founder of Mighty Girl Art

For our daughters and their mothers, thank you.
ALisa Starkweather, founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement

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Lucy H. Pearce



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July 2020


Signed by the author

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Lucy H. Pearce


German translation of Reaching for the Moon

Gina Martin author of the When She Wakes trilogy

Meet the author

Lucy H. Pearce is the author of ten life-changing non-fiction books for women, including her best-selling Burning Woman – an incendiary exploration of women and power – written for every woman who burns with passion, has been burned with shame, and in another time or place would be burned at the stake.

Lucy’s work is dedicated to supporting women’s empowered, embodied expression through her writing, teaching and art. She lives in East Cork, Ireland, where she runs Womancraft Publishing – creating life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women.

She blogs on creativity at: dreamingaloud.net

Meet the artist: also Lucy H. Pearce!

Lucy H. Pearce cover artist and author
Womancraft Publishing is proud to celebrate not just the words, but the images of talented women too.

LUCY H. PEARCE paints the inner world of dreams, archetypes and pure energy, featuring on the cover of Creatrix, Reaching for the Moon, Moon Time and She of the Sea.

Symbols emerge which speak the language of the soul – the moon, spirals, trees, cherry blossom, feathers, birds and women’s bodies in all their beauty. Colours and energies shimmer and swirl: there is a sense of flow and meditative movement in her paintings that demands contemplation from the viewer, a shifting to another state of being.

Using a multi-layered intuitive painting technique, she builds up layer upon layer of rainbow colour: her paintings evolve from abstraction to dreamlike imagery. Her recent work incorporates her love of zentangles.