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Meet Brigid's Grove

We are delighted to team up with the powerhouse Brigid’s Grove partnership of husband and wife, Molly and Mark...

"We’ve been happily married since 1998 and have four energetic children. Molly has a lifelong interest in women’s issues and women’s empowerment. With time, that passion came to focus on birth and breastfeeding and then continued to evolve into a commitment to the entire spectrum of Women’s Mysteries throughout the seasons of a woman’s life. At Brigid’s Grove, we create original goddess art sculptures and pendants, ritual and ceremony kits, birth art, publish Womanrunes book and card sets, and offer online priestess trainings through our Creative Spirit Circle."

Why Brigid?

"Brigid is the Irish triple goddess of smithcraft/metalwork, poetry, and midwifery. She is also a Christian saint associated with midwives, birthing mothers, and infants. We chose this name based on how beautifully Brigid represents the interests and skills of our whole family."

Molly Remer is also the author of our beautiful title Walking with Persephone, published in 2021.