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Muddy Mysticism PROMOTION

Apr 16, 2021 | Promotion!

If my own spiritual journey thus far is any indication of how it will continue, I imagine it will meander and circle, much like my journey toward trying to call some place home.

Muddy Mysticism by Natalie Bryant Rizzieri, Womancraft Publishing

Muddy Mysticism: the sacred tethers of body, earth and everyday

by Natalie Bryant Rizzieri

A reclaiming of the sacred through our female bodies and daily lives. 


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An extract from founding editor of Womancraft Publishing, Lucy H. Pearce in conversation with Natalie Bryant Rizzieri, author of Muddy Mysticism:

Lucy: Writing and sharing writing about spiritual practice creates community. Communities that often women who fall outside of mainstream religious practice don’t have. Usually women have to go it alone with their spiritual experiences and practices for many many years.
Natalie: Yes, I think many women have lived on the fringes, on the outside of the approved circle. And so I do hope that this book will reach them. I hope it will invite people into the heart of their own experience as the centre, and maybe towards ‘I belong here in this place’.

To listen to the interview, click here