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Mar 4, 2021 | Statement

Whilst we fully respect each reader’s right to critically review a book, and decide whether it is to their taste or of merit, we have been saddened, shocked and disgusted by the vitriol being targeted at our most recent author, Amantha Murphy and her extremely popular book, The Way of the Seabhean. 
After a successful launch and fabulous early reception for her book, which is based on decades of teaching, Amantha has in recent weeks been rounded on by a small but vocal group of folks from online Irish Pagan groups who seem to have a personal vendetta and desire to destroy Amantha’s book, her professional life and very self. She and her book have become the focus of vicious and persistent cyber-bullying, name-calling, slurs and accusations…far, far beyond any sort of valid critical review. 
These attacks have been the opposite of everything we at Womancraft stand for: community, creativity, the positive power of words and women’s voices. 
We call on those involved to stop. You may disagree with Amantha. But remember, hers is just one voice. Her experience, one experience. She is not an academic author, but a woman sharing her lived experience, rooted in her personal heritage and the land. She has every right to do this. As do you… write your own books share your own research – add to the collective richness of human endeavour rather than trying destroy others. You may disagree with some of what is in a book… but that is all it is… a book. Made with heart and love by fallible humans.
Please stop. And take a breath. We are not your enemies. We are a very small independent, Irish company headed by an autistic woman. Our author is a dyslexic woman in her late 60s. We are all living through tough times. We believe our shared humanity comes before dogma and ideology. 

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Statement by Amantha Murphy

As some of you are aware, with the recent release of my book I appear to have walked into a hornets’ nest. 
This book is a piece of me and my story.
It is me expressing and sharing what I have learned: from ancestors – Granny included, from Spirit, from the Trees, from being in communion with the Land, and most importantly, listening. 
This book is not, and was never intended to be, a scholarly work of any kind. I appreciate those who have taken the academic path to gain their knowledge. Although my dyslexia has made learning from scholarly works out of reach for me, it did open the path of learning through my oral tradition, experiences and senses. 
I have not selected what I teach based on any specific outline or idea of faith drawn by others. What I teach is what I have been shown/ taught and has had a profound effect on me and people I have worked with and continue to work with, many of which I now have the honour to call friends. Friends that I have shared many powerful and deeply moving experiences with. These times and moments I treasure and have filled my life with intense purpose and joy.
I have taken what I have seen and learnt and taught and shared it with those who are interested. I was taught this way, and this is what I have practiced. I have never taken any literary course of any kind. Not because I would not be interested or do not see the value, it is just not the way my brain is made. 
My book shares how I have become who I am and how I have combined these practices and inheritances to assist others. I am sharing a path, rooted in this land, its stories and my heritage…not the only path. It is one that I have lived and taught for the past 48 years. In all cultures there are many traditions, paths and versions of stories. No one can assert only one path and I certainly do not.
My goal has and always will be, to share, help and assist others in healing themselves. What I have are the tools I have been given and so that is what I use. 
Like so many others, I watched both my Irish parents suffer the grief and homesickness of having to leave their homeland due to lack of work after the war. The Irish lived centuries being persecuted and fought our way to freedom. I have been firmly rooted back home in Ireland for decades and I feel no need to fight now. Along with my Irish scribe and Irish publisher, I stand firmly and proudly by my work. 
I will always be about sharing love and respecting one’s right to be their genuine and authentic selves. Expressing what they truly are and what makes them feel alive. 
I have faced adversity in my life, many times and I have survived. Those who have worked with me, those who know me, know my worth and recognise the place I operate from. I have Family, a Large ever-growing Family and we support each other. Their love is the Soul food of my life.
If my book has offended or hurt anyone I am sorry for that. 
The focus of intention is for my book to share my story, teachings and experiences to assist and encourage others to find their stories – no matter their tradition.

With Love,


Statement from Orla O’Connell