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Burning Woman – LIVE!

Jul 18, 2019 | Events

This is a wake-up call to the Burning Woman within you. A reminder.
These are burning times and they call for Burning Women.

Join author Lucy H. Pearce for a remembering through words, movement, and ceremony of the power of Burning Woman for the very first, and perhaps only, time in the UK, at the Goddess Conference, Glastonbury.

Lucy H. Pearce, author of Medicine Woman, Burning Woman, Moon Time and moreBurning Woman is a powerful image. A role model. A metaphor. A warning. A source of power. She is Feminine power incarnate.

Along with the deeply experienced facilitator, Tracy Evans, who walked alongside Lucy as she wrote and journeyed the material for the best-selling book, Burning Woman, Lucy will be leading you experientially through the inner landscape of Burning Woman over the course of a day.

For those who burn with passion, have been burned by shame and at another time or place would have been burned at the stake.

It is a juicy and packed day, full of ceremony, an exploration of the inner need to burn and the outer experience of being burned through movement, journaling and my WORD+image process, as well as readings from the book.
This is an invitation to reinhabit your powerful body. This is your time, come out of the shadows and burn brightly.

This is for you, Burning Woman… ARISE!

Come and experience the power and magic of Burning Woman.

Where: Goddess Conference, Glastonbury, UK
When: Monday 29th July 2019
Time: 10-4pm
Cost: £60

This is a fringe workshop, so you don’t need to attend the whole conference to participate.

Lucy will also be Keynote Speaker on ‘Fear, Power and Transformation‘ on Thursday 1st August during the Conference, and will be leading a 2.5 hour conference workshop called ‘Dancing with Fear’ on Saturday 3rd.

For more and to book https://goddessconference.com/