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Home to Her

She is Here
(part 3 of the When She Wakes trilogy)

Moon Time (new edition)


The Birthkeeper of Bethlehem
(hertorical fiction)




The ancient Maya foretold the end of one era, and the dawn of a new world.

The time is now.

Time for the work of the Thirteen, who hid the wisdom of the Goddess millennia ago at the rise of patriarchy, to come to fruition.

From Uluru to the land of the Lakota, from high in the Himalayas to the rushing waters of Victoria Falls, from the Hopi reservations to the Hebrides, the companions of the Thirteen are tasked with opening portals of energy long hidden that will reconnect and reweave the world.

As the forces of the status quo fight hard to hold on to what they have, Frances Fletcher races to awaken wisdoms long hidden and empower voices long ignored. With all the power of patriarchy against her, can she do what the Goddess has asked of her?

This is one woman’s story and the story of all women protecting the wisdoms of the Goddess and eagerly awaiting the time we can declare:

She is Here!

Release June 2022Categories Fiction/Historical
$12.99 | €11.99 | £10.998.5″x 5.5″ | 216x140mm | 275pp
Paperback 978-1-910559-76-5Ebook 978-1-910559-75-8



The first two UK/Ireland or US based pre-orders placed will receive a free audiobook of Book 1, Sisters of the Solstice Moon.

Secondly, we will also draw three winners at random from those who pre-order before Easter (midnight GMT 17/4) to receive a beautiful crystal moon pendant as seen in the above image. This will be delivered with their book when pre-orders close.

All pre-order customers will receive recordings of three of Gina Martin’s songs/chants from her book WomEnchanting – A Compendium of Sacred Songs for Rituals and Celebrations.

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Sisters of the Solstice Moon: Book 1 in the When She Wakes series

On the Winter Solstice, thirteen women across the world see the same terrifying vision. Their world is about to experience ravaging destruction. All that is now sacred will be destroyed. Each answers the call, to journey to Egypt, and save the wisdom of the Goddess:

She who is Kali Ma from the jungles of Arya, Tiamet from the Roof of the World, Badh of the Cailleach from the land of Eiru, Awa from the Land of Yemaya, Uxua of Ix Chel from the Yucatan, Parasfahe from the Land of Inanna… all racing against time and history to bring us their story.

This is the history before history.

This is herstory, as it emerged.

An imagining… or is it a remembering… of the end of matriarchy and the emergence of global patriarchy, this book brings alive long dead cultures from around the world and brings us closer to the lost wisdoms that we know in our bones.

Sisters of the Solstice Moon is a story of vast richness and complexity, in the tradition of speculative historical novel series, Clan of the Cave Bear and The Mists of Avalon.

Walking the Threads of Time: Book 2 in the When She Wakes series

In lifetime after lifetime, she who was Atvasfara, High Priestess of Isis, seeks the others of the Thirteen as they appear – and disappear – in different configurations, genders and moments in human history from ancient Egypt and China, through medieval Europe, the Cree community in Canada, via Ghana and the battle fields of the First World War.

In this gripping sequel, the thirteen vision carriers first introduced in Sisters of the Solstice Moon face death and danger to serve the Goddess in the times when She is forbidden. Travel with them as they navigate through patriarchal history, seeking to save Her wisdom in the darkest of times.

An imagining… or is it a remembering… of the end of matriarchy and the emergence of global patriarchy, this book brings alive long dead cultures from around the world and brings us closer to the lost wisdoms that we know in our bones.

“This is magic realism at its most sacred feminine.”

Meet the Author

Gina Martin author of the When She Wakes trilogy

Gina Martin

Author of the When She Wakes trilogy: Sisters of the Solstice Moon, Walking the Threads of Time and She is Here.

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Gina Martin is a founding mother and High Priestess of Triple Spiral of Dún na Sidhe, a pagan spiritual congregation in the Hudson Valley. She is a ritualist, teacher, healer, mother, wife, lover of Irish Wolfhounds, and writer of sacred songs. She has helped to create RISE (Revivers of Indigenous Spiritualities and Eco-systems), an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting indigenous and pagan belief structures and the lands that support them.

Cover Artist

Iris O’Sullivan

Cover Art: ‘Community in Orange’ for Sisters of the Solstice Moon, ‘Creation’ for Walking the Threads of Time and ‘She is Here’ for She is Here.

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Iris O’Sullivan was born in Australia, lived in the UK and finally settled in California to raise her four children. Iris now lives on Maui teaching art therapy, and the understanding of color in relation to the soul to international groups. Iris strives to reveal the invisible transparent soul movements through her art.

Liz Childs Kelly author of Home to Her