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Your Affiliate Dashboard

Welcome! You’ll find everything you need under the three tabs below… Explanations underneath if needed.


This is where you find our active affiliate programs. Click on one and you’ll get the magic referral link(s) which are unique to you, as well as graphics and blurb about the course/book/product you are sharing.


When you share that link on your website/social media post/newsletter and someone clicks on it and hopefully makes a purchase, this will all show up in the ‘Reports’ tab and at the end of each month we will pay out any commissions that are due. (The different sections of the ‘Reports’ tab are explained below.) You won’t earn commissions on purchases that you make yourself.


Starting off, your links contain an identifying number unique to you (they look something like https://womancraftpublishing.com/ref/4656/…) – but you can change this to anything you want in the ‘Profile’ tab so it looks more personal to you or your business (for example, https://womancraftpublishing.com/ref/YourNameHere/…)

You will also find a ‘Referral URL generator’. This is for when we have an active campaign on all of our books for example, and you want to share something about one book in particular. Find that book’s product page on our website, and copy and paste its path into the ‘target path’ box (for example, ‘product/crow-moon‘) and you’ll see your referral link appear below it for you to share with your community. (Please note that this will only work if the product is part of an active campaign.)

Also in the ‘Profile’ tab is a space for you to provide a PayPal address where we can pay your commission – very important!

Report sections explained

Gross Commission: Total revenue earned along with the number of orders.

Refunds: Total amount refunded from your referrals along with the number of orders.

Net Commission: Total revenue eligible for payout to you along with the number of orders (less any amounts for discounts, refunds, reversals, payment processing fees).

Sales: Total revenue earned from your referrals.

Clicks: Number of hits your referrals have sent.

Conversion: Conversion rate for your clicks.

Referrals: This will show how much commission you have earned on each successful referral. It will show the date of a referral order, referral commission, and payout status i.e. if the payout is accepted, rejected, or unpaid. (We do not display the customer’s name for privacy reasons.)

Products: This will show the top products purchased, quantity and how much was earned for that product purchased via your referral link.
Payout History: This will show payouts processed against your referrals.

Terms and Conditions

You can review the terms and conditions of our affiliate program at any time.